When creating your ceremony,
the challenge is to make the words express the love and commitment you both feel as you take this important first step. The ceremony should reflect your feelings, using words meaningful for both of you, as well as your friends and family. Rev. John has helped hundreds of couples over the years realize their dream of a perfect Wedding.

Some of Rev. John's vast Library of ceremonies include
Poetry Readings, Music and Songs, Rose Exchanges, Hand Blessings, Unity Candles, Wine Ceremonies, Sand and Rose Quartz, Dove and Butterfly Releases, Special Prayers, Cord and Coin Ceremonies, Veil and Sponsors, Parents and Children Dedications, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ring Bearers and Flower girl's roles and not forgetting the most important: Vows, Pledges, Ring Exchanges, Personalized Promises, Religious Prayers and Readings, Dedications to Memorialized Friends and Dear Ones.....

Each ceremony is unique and every new couple bring their own story,
so the variety of different words are endless and the possibilities unlimited. Your ceremony can reflect how you met and where you're headed, describing your love and your relationships with each other and your respective families.

Though this all may sound pretty daunting now, navigating through these choices with Rev. John is a breeze and with his assistance, you'll find this a wonderfully easy and exciting journey.

Reverend John Edward Moore